How do I know if my official copy with key of Win 8 Pro is the root program that is now installed on one of my PCs as Win 10 Pro?



I have 2 PCs - one with Win 10 Pro and the other with Win 10 Home. I also have a copy of Win 8 Pro on CD with official receipt and Product Key.

Both computers are about 10 years old and came with Win 8 and Win 8 Pro respectively. I bought another copy of Win 8 Pro but I do not recall if I installed it on one of these PCs or not. Then came a series of free upgrades to Win 10 from Microsoft. Now I want to upgrade my PC with Win 10 Home on it to Win 10 Pro and want to use my official Win 8 Pro product key to complete that upgrade by changing it on the Win 10 Home computer.

How do I know if the CD Product Key is being used on my Win 10 Pro computer or if it was derived from an upgrade of the version that came with the compter pre-installed? Thanks

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