Windows Server 2016 Standard VM - 4 Virtual Processors - Licensing??



Hi All,

This might be a very stupid question but I wanted to confirm with you all. We have a Microsoft Environment with 3 Physical servers clustered running Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter - Hyper-V roles (No, servers are not serving any other roles or services). I created two Windows Server 2016 Standard VMs on the two Hyper-v hosts. Since I do not understand the new licensing model from Microsoft very clearly, Do I need to purchase any licenses for the new Windows Server 2016 VMs? Since all the Hyper-V hosts are running 2012 R2 datacenter, shouldn't I be able to activate the 2016 VMs against the 2012 R2 hosts? If I need to buy the licenses for Windows Server 2016 VM, then how many should I have to purchase?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Many Thanks!!

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