Windows will not connect to internet.



I have a clients msi Gl62 laptop. It will not connect to the internet on either nic(wireless or ethernet). It connects to every network as no internet access on an unidentified network. It gives an apipa address and does not even seem to send an a dhcp request.

Using ipconfig renew gives this error: An error occurred while renewing interface Wi-fi: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by it's access permissions along with no operation while said local area has it's media disconnected. I have turned off every firewall and uninstalled antivirus and malware programs (avast and malware-bytes). I manually gave an ipv4 address and gateway address this did fix the permissions error but not the media disconnected error.

I have tried the following basic steps (not in any specific order).

*reset tcp/ip stack

*reset the network devices in device manager

*updated drivers for said network devices

*flushed ARP

*Restarted DHCP services

*used network reset function

One thing i have come across in other forums is an update messing with network drivers/software and the solution is to restore back to a previous update. This however does not seem to be as this laptop was not updated and/or does not have a restore point that is even close to when this issue was reported (week of 7th) last restore for major update was in 2018. I have thought about doing an update to see if it is an issue that has been fixed but i cannot update without internet anyway. I have been to multiple houses and work places to see if it is router along with trouble shooting router (all other devices work on network). Could be conflict with software like virtual adapters or something but none seem to be present.

Any help would be good, I am not the smartest person ever but I have my CCENT and A+ with some experience in real environments so i'm at least not too dumb. Wouldn't even be mad if someone was like here is your problem you should of used your brain it's simple. Good leaning point. Again thanks for the help.

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