Why my 'Music' folder and 'Pictures' folder under This PC change their locations together



I want to move all folders(Videos, Music, Download, Music, Documents, Desktop) under This PC which are in my D: disk to E: disk. So I right-clicked each folder and selected property, moved to location tab, change its value to the E: disk path.

This method ran well for Videos, Download, Documents, Desktop folder. But it went wrong when I tried to move Music and Pcitures folders. These two folders change their locations together. When I modify one folder's location, the other also changes. They point to the same folder and have the same name!

I have tried some ways:

1. Deleted and re-added the values in Windows Registry:



2. Restored the default libraries.

3. Restored default settings of the folder's location.

4. Changed the folder Properties - Customize - Optimize this folder for Pictures or Music.

However, no method works.

Anyone can help me for this?

Thanks, Lake.

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