Upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Windows10 Home Premium



Hello. This time last year I bought a laptop with Windows10 Home Premium. It worked fine, I did updates as they came along, a couple of glitches, but, all in all, the job got done. One evening we went out for dinner we weren't gone more than a coup[le of hours.

When we got home, we were welcomed by ankle-deep water all through the house. I had left the laptop on the footstool in front of the chair I had been sitting in. It was fried beyond repair. I figured I was okay because I had bought the extended warranty, I was wrong. I had purchased the warranty, but not the one that doesn't ask questions.

Fast forward; I just bought a very good HP laptop. The only problem is that it is running Vista Home Premium. My job requires that I use Windows 10. My question is this; Can I use the license from my dead machine to upgrade to Windows 10? If so, how? If not, Why? I cannot afford to buy a new license when I already have one. Please tell me this is doable.

Thank you

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