I cannot verify my account



I cannot verify my accoubnt. I have been locked out of my account do to suspisious activity. I was asked to verify my account and have filled out the form but it says I do not have enough information. The problem is I cannot access my emal account to answer the questions about who i emailed last and what the subject was. I also I cannot sign into my Sype account or email acount to answer the questions that are given. Its been years since iv'e even used it. This is my account that Iv'e had since the 90's and I'm very frustrated im not able to access my emails and such and its giving me such a hard time. I even tried to create a new account but i cain't add things like cell number since its listed with my old account of (*** Email address is removed for privacy ***) I need to get into my account or just perhaps move the data to a new accoun if that is possible?

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