Awful washed out colors in Windows 10. Happens intermittently

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This has been something happening to me these past few months and it has been extremely frustrating. I tried calling Windows support but nobody would help. They kept directing me to different departments or outright hanging up.

Anyway, my issue is suddenly the colors when I am using my PC go from the usual beautiful and vibrant colors, to an awful, dull and washed out look. It looks like someone jacked up the contrast. Thing is, I have to put up with these for a few days, then the issue won't occur for quite some time. Say a few days later, it will suddenly occur and restarting won't work. I recently did a clean install for my PC, and still the issue persists.

I have done just about everything I read on forums. I have made sure in Nvidia's control panel that colors are set to full, not limited. I have disabled fast boot. I have disabled some setting involving color management in task scheduler. I have tried using ASUS's ICC profile, I have tried using the program CPKeeper. I have made sure my GPU is not overclocked, I have used other ICC profiles in Windows Color Management, as well as Windows default profiles. Night light is off, I made sure my DVI cable is properly connected. I updated my graphics drivers. HDR is off as well. This was all before I did a clean install hoping this would correct the issue. I have tried going back to previous versions of GPU drivers, even previous Windows 10 updates version. Nothing helps.

Here is the thing. When I start up my PC for the first time of the day, the colors are displayed correctly and beautifully. After any amount of time(can range from minutes to hours), the colors will begin to go off, looking awful and straining my eyes. Lately, it occurs the moment I start up a video game on Steam. And once the colors go off, shutting off the PC won't fix the issue. The PC has to be off for hours before it displayed the colors correctly. Since the colors are displayed correctly initially, I believe it may not be a monitor issue. And again, the kicker is that sometimes the issue will not occur for days/weeks/months until it suddenly occurs and will persist for a few days.

I am just about out of ideas, and I am just so fed up with the issue. So, any suggestions?

Windows 10

Nvidia GTX 980ti

Asus Vg248qe

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