Searchindexer problems, event log entires



Windows 10 1903.

I've been having some trouble finding files via the searcher lately, and I notice quite a few search related items in event viewer.

Windows Search Service failed to process the list of included and excluded locations with the error <30,0x80004005, "file:///H:\[12ec3e10-d9b8-4e36-b244-57424d10a843]\"

I don't know how to repair this. The link they provided doesn't work. I don't understand why it references H: . I don't have an H: drive.

Any thoughts appreciated.

The following messages appear many times in event viewer...

Searchindexer (5524,D,50) Windows: The log format feature version 8940 (0x22ec - 8.6.20) could not be used due to the current log format 8.5.16, controlled by the parameter 0x410022D8 (8920 | JET_evfAllowHigherPersistedFormat).

SerachIndexer (5524,D,50) Windows: The database [C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\Windows.edb] format version is being held back to 8920 due to application parameter setting of 0x410022D8 (8920) JET_efvAllowHigherPersistedFormat). Current default engine version: 9100 (0x238c).

Is this a problem?

Does anyone understand who sets this parameter? ... ie what is happening here?

I have initiated a rebuild of the search index.

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