General color/brightness/saturation/contrast display issues

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Ok, not very tech savvy, so I'll try to explain this issue the best I can. I recently bought a brand new laptop (actually bought three trying to solve this problem) and colors on this new display just aren't right. I had my old laptop, which was an HP Notebook several years old, with picture quality exactly as I wanted it, or at least how I'm used to. Now, on this new display, depending on what I'm looking at, the quality (color/brightness/saturation/contrast) is off. This photo viewed in Photo looks great, but adjusting the settings to make it look that good, make another photo look terrible. Way too much saturation, not enough brightness or contrast, etc. It seems as if on my old laptop, there was some kind of general leveling that auto corrected image levels so that all looked about the same regardless of what I'm doing, yet I have no recollection of ever knowing of such a setting or tampering with one. It just seems odd that I can't seem to get consistent image/video color quality across all files and my display on this new laptop, when it seemed to happen naturally on my old one. Just in case, I should mention that the two previous laptops I bought and returned because of this issue were an HP Envy x360 and a Dell Inspiron. This current laptop is an Asus ROG Strix, which comes with MANY display settings, yet I'm having this issue. Please help.

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