Really big transparent desktop icons that allow you to see the window slideshow pictures



I am currently using the built-in slideshow picture feature of windows to show a gallery of my images on my desktop, but as icons populate my desktop, they cover the slideshow images area. To get around this, I creates about 50 or so of the largest sized desktop icons that show a transparent image. While this solved the problem of regular desktop icons covering all or most of my slideshow images, it does have some problems and doesn't look all that good: the transparent icons sometimes move and 'break' the transparent region and these icons have names that detracts from the overall effect.

I would like to have the built-in windows slideshow feature better integrate with the desktop with a few new options that would make the slideshow images look better:

  1. Create a transparent placeholder region, that works like a oversized desktop icon, and would force regular desktop icons to be place around it.
  2. The transparent placeholder region can be sized so the amount of desktop area for regular desktop icons can be managed.
  3. Slideshow images that are larger than the transparent placeholder region can either be clipped or not:
    1. Clipping causes slideshow images to only show the part of the image that fits within the transparent placeholder region. The image would be centered within the transparent placeholder region.
    2. Not clipped shows under the regular desktop icons that surround the transparent placeholder region, as they do now.
  4. Slideshow images can be automatically resized to fit within the transparent placeholder region or allowed to show normally.
  5. This suggestion would get around a few problems that using multiple normal icons that contain transparent images currently suffer:
    1. The transparent placeholder region is much easier to maintain than if the region is made up of lots of regular desktop icons,
    2. Added new icons never land within the area occupied by the transparent placeholder region,
    3. Regular icons have names and selection checkboxes that if used as a placeholders don't look good, and
    4. The transparent placeholder region never contain images, so can be rendered more efficiently than regular icons because an image file is never accessed.


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