My laptop is acting strangely.



I don't remember what happened but last year, my old PC (it has Windows 7 on it) went into what I think is Safe Mode after a restart and has been like this since. I've tried everything I could to fix it, but nothing I did seemed to work. Is it because Windows 7 is shutdown?

Here are some stuff I'd find on my laptop:

- The taskbar is white and more simplistic, no longer its translucent blue.

- The sound and wifi are perpetually offline.

- Attempting to access some settings applications would prompt a "The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect. Check the username and password." or a "The device is not ready." message box.

- I couldn't even access the files explorer.

- I can't access stuff as an admin.

- Something about explorer.exe may be the issue.

- I can't do things through run or cmd because of admin. things.

Is there anyway to help fix this?

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