Connecting Bluetooth headphones causes audio and video to stutter and lag


Dr Marko

Prior to updating to Version 10.0.19041 Bluetooth worked fine. After updating Windows to Version 10.0.19041 (and later Version 10.0.19042) connecting Bluetooth headphones not only causes audio and video to appear choppy it is actually causing audio and video to play slower. I determined this by holding a stopwatch while watching videos using VLC, Netflix, Youtube, and Windows Movies & TV app. Videos appear to play approximately 66% slower. I believe it is also causing Windows sounds (usb disconnects, notifications, and such) to play slower but this is difficult to test for. I have tested three different Bluetooth headphones and they all cause the same issue. I have also tested these three Bluetooth headphones on two different Android phones and one (non updated, while using the same exact Bluetooth dongle) Windows 10 PC and they all work flawlessly. I also tested disconnecting and reconnecting my headphones while watching a video and the moment I connect my headphones the choppy/slow playback problem appears and the moment I disconnect my headphones the problem disappears. I have reinstalled and attempted to update (no updates available) all relevant drivers but the problem still persists. I have seen a few others post this same problem but so far no fix has been suggested. If anyone has a solution or if is experiencing this problem themselves please post here so that his problem can be addressed.

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