Random Crashes. No BSOD, no .dmp files. HELP!!


M. Saggio

My computer has been experiencing some really annoying crashes/shutdowns over the last few months and I can't figure out what is causing them. During the first week of September it crashed for the first time and that's the only time I've seen a BSOD. The stop code for that was "whea_uncorrectable_error" and after a quick Google it comes up as a hardware malfunction.

Ever since that first BSOD my PC will crash randomly at any time after logging into Windows. It happens on the desktop, browsing Chrome, opening apps, playing games, nothing in particular seems to trigger it and when it crashes the PC becomes completely unresponsive, the screen goes black and it reboots without me touching the power button. After rebooting there are no .dmp files to check as it skipped the BSOD state and when straight into a reboot.

Checking the Event Viewer after a crash it always comes up as Event ID 41 Task (63) but the BugcheckCode can either be 278 or 0. I've only ever seen those two BugcheckCodes and there doesn't seem to be a pattern between it being code 278 or 0. I've noticed that when I first boot my PC up for the day I will get three or four crashes in a row after booting before it becomes stable. Once the initial crashes are done I will get a few hours of stability before it will crash again randomly.

I've completely reinstalled Windows 10, formatting both my drives in the process. I've updated all my drivers, ran DDU to do a clean install of GPU drivers (it still crashed without any graphic drivers installed). Updated my BIOS twice, ran the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows, stress tested both the GPU and CPU. All of these didn't resolve the issue so I ran memtest86 and the Windows Memory Diagnostic and both presented memory errors so I assumed the problem was with my RAM and swapped the sticks out today. But the computer still crashed...

I'm at my wits end. Everything I've tried hasn't helped so far. Please help me :(

PC Components;

  • Intel 9th Gen i7 9700k @ 3.6GHz
  • Corsair Vengeance Pro 32GB 3200MHz
  • WD Blue SN550 250GB AND 1TB
  • Be Quiet! Power Zone 850W PSU
  • Corsair Commander
  • Corsair Hydro X Water Cooling loop with 240 and 360 Radiators
  • Windows 10 Professional

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