Windows 10 BSOD required device missing



This is an unusual problem and I've never faced this before I went to go use my laptop turned it on and I suddenly got a bsod there was no windows logo or anything it was just right to that screen... The screen said recovery at the top then in smaller words a required device is missing or not connected 0xc000000f press f8 for advanced recovery or press enter to try again neither of those buttons work just refreshes the screen but then I get a different error code 0xc0000225 File: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

I have watched almost every video on how to recover this and cannot fix the installation files I've gone as far as pulling the solid state drive out of my laptop and putting it into an enclosure to see if I can access my files unfortunately all I get is the drive needs to be formatted meaning that there is severe data corruption and that's the only option... I ended up taking the drive out putting it back in the laptop and just reloading it with Windows I have 3 data recovery programs disc drill, mini tool power data recovery and ease us data recovery

When I scan the drive it finds things but none of it is mine! I know confusing right? These programs are able to scan and label each folder there's a section for users and under that user section I do not see my account name which was under T little it only comes up with other accounts like owner, user.. I've checked everywhere and cannot find anything belonging to me is it possible that this was hacked? Or is it possible that the solid state drive itself has a damaged chip which is hiding that information?

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