Windows 10 x64 bit 2004 version iso image file setup prep.exe 16 bit unsupported error



Hello everyone!!

I am Aditya from India.

I want to share with you all a problem that I faced recently. Sunce last few months I am engaged in news and forums regarding windows and updates and came to knew that Windows 10 ver 2004 is out on the official since May 2020 . So I was eager to get it since I haven't updated my pc from Windows 10 ver 1511 ( I knew its too old) . It is so becoz I never had a good internet access and still I have only 2gb per day and that too in my mobile. So I decided to download Windows 10 x64 version 2004 iso image from mobile ( as I saw in various YouTube videos) and that too in 5 days. Then I transferred the ISO image to pc via usb cable . I mounted it to USB pendrive 16 gb and also tried to run the setup file in the drive after mounting it but it mentioned a dialogue box saying

" Unsupported 16 bit file

The file SetupPrep.exe isn't supported in your x64 bit system ask vendor to provide you x64 bit application is available"

Then I closed it and another dialogue box appears saying

" setup failed to install"

I then rebooted pc and plugged in the USB drive then it ask me to press any key to boot the drive . It then appear with the cursor and a black screen for about 2 mins and switch to a screen of ribboned screen of orange and yellow coloured strips and remained for long time

I turned it off and download windows version 1903 and when I opened its setup.exe file it shows

" Setup failed to install "

Now I am still stuck with the problem

My pc specs:

* 4gb ddr3 ram

* Intel i5 3 generation

* MS7788 motherboard

Also I have mounted the ISO image file in MRB format as I have BIOS legacy and CISF or whatever it is....... was also oppted by me but it failed to read by my BIOS.

So that's what's my problem. Please help .

Thank you

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