Gen 1 Surface Laptop stuck in boot loop. Possibly power issue.



My brother plugged my laptop into an aftermarket charger that he got off of amazon and it stopped booting. When I hit the power key, the windows logo lights up for a few seconds, then the display switches off, then the logo comes back on. It does this for about 20sec until it tires itself out. Doesn't matter if it is plugged in or not. I've tried a lot of ways of getting to a boot menu, but none work.

My hypothesis is that the power supply is cutting out after a few seconds of attempted booting. Is there anyway that software such as a boot drive could help this? If not, is there anyway I could open the laptop up and attack the problem myself? If not, then I guess I would take to a repair person, but it feels foolish since I just want the data off of the hard drive.

Thanks in advance for all advice.

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