Completely locked out - can’t even reset



I restarted my computer yesterday and when I entered my PIN it said it was incorrect. I knew it was right and entered it carefully over and over. I spoke to customer service and they helped me reset my password and told me it would likely take overnight to sync. When I tried again with the new password it did not work. I tried logging on with another account and it still said “incorrect”

I spoke to customer support and every possible solution required an administrator password that the computer would say was incorrect. Finally I was told I had no choice but to reset the computer. When I went to do that my computer once again asked for a password!

Where do I go from here? I am completely locked out of my computer. My only guess is that the password has not synced because it is not connected to WiFi? I even had it connected to an Ethernet and my computer did not find or recognize a network. I am at my absolute wits’ end so any suggestions to either force unlock my computer or get it onto WiFi again are appreciated.

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