Browser and Video Player freezes when switching windows



I have been facing this issue since past few updates. when i switch between two windows suppose first one is nodepad and other one is browser then after few frequent switching browser window gets frozen i mean i can click on url but i can't click or scroll or anything into perticular opened tab its like frozen below the search bar.

also same happens when i play netflix or youtube and switch window it get frozen again i can listen the audio but video is stuck. i thought its Microsoft edge first but then google chrome also started doing it. i believe this is windows 10 issue. also there is some kind of glitch when swithcing windows frequently sometimes it switches wrong window or sometimes it switches tabs.

Same thing happening on windows media player and VLC player as well when i switch window they get frozen.

To fix this i have to either change windows one or two more times or i will press Window+D key twice to make it unfrozen.

i have updated my computer's drivers but still its happening.

My computer specs :

Processor : Ryzen 5 3550

GPU : Rx560x 4GB

Ram : 8GB ddr4

Windows installed in 128GB nvme drive and upto 30GB is free

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