NO access to any device and settings hidden and not accessible by myself




I have questions about your program regarding privacy flaws and accessibility among multiple companies all linked through Microsoft's system but focus specifically using windows 10 program. So, For a while now I had noticed unusual activity with my phone and whenever I looked up information on how to go about removing hackers , links, or ways of adding anything to my devices it always said that I needed permission from the administrator when I got close to revealing the source and would exit the application or restrict access. I started to do some research when my Dell lap top first told me I needed permission from the admin to access applications new to my computer involving camera, video, and /or microphone usage. I wish I screen recorded everything to remember how I got to certain things. Anyway, my husband initially went on my lap top and downloaded McAfee (not sure if correct name) as a virus protection for my computer which I had never had before and also never had problems using the less expensive program bite face prior to him downloading that. Since I graduated college, I never really used my lap top and allowed him to use it for online classes for work til he got his own lap top. About a year later, when COVID-19 took affect and now having us use zoom for distance learning, I had trouble downloading the program (zoom) and when I finally got it to work and it came time to connect to his class; I was told I needed permission from the admin.(admin and account holder are different apparently). April 2020 I tried to go on my lap top to contact apple for a iCloud email under my Apple ID settings that was my first middle and husbands last name I never created and could not delete once I discovered it. My Dell lap top kept failing to load and notified me I needed to reset(wipe my computer to factory reset) and was given the option to save photos and files. I had a cheap security system it raised no flags and I choose to only keep photos and files because I had important files and resume saved on it. Once reset, I NOTICED A NEW SECURITY SYSTEM downloaded(McAfee), which looked familiar and I remember it being a top suggestion and recommendation than remembered my husband saying his work provided a good security system for free. I told my husband what had happened and asked if he added it but said how weird it was that I needed to reset my computer. A icon showed up titled deleted applications downloaded to your computer, which I also blindly told him how that did however raise red flag for me, and I never had problems before and didn't have many or any apps really downloaded anyway. I never even opened the icon because of that. Later saw it suspicious after my husband and I separated a month later (May 2020) and being that security system and apps he downloaded through that program that he also set up my main settings windows 10 through Microsoft ( I have a Dell touch screen lap top with option for windows 10 system). Before my husband I was a single mom for 6 years in college and working three jobs to support my son and I and couldn't afford all non necessity programs , plus the fact that I went through college without it never being required. Also, I did like some features but still was not a huge fan of the system layout or features because I was not knowledgeable of its system. Well my husband(found out after separation) using fantasy football as an excuse to use what he can find(snoop) through my notebooks, initially became how I connected the dots since I kept seeing his rosters written in a lot of my old notebooks and ones I haven't seen in years. I flipped through them myself out of curiosity, and after finding out someone hacked my google account(gmail), and I connected a list I found of ideas for youtube channel and marketing ideas for my bartending business a year or two prior to meeting my husband. He used my personal information (he had pictures on his phone from filing our taxes) to gain access to that specific gmail, which was one of ten I had apparently, but the only one linked to youtube channel. He deleted the picture I used for my account so I never connected it to my hacked google account because nothing stood out. I only remembered the picture and videos I posted on my youtube, but not the name. I always write down and save/file all accounts but some never even get used. I used one email since I was 17 as my primary for everything and since youtube is a google ran company, they require you to have an account with them. From there he locked me out of gaining access to my google gmail account by changing the recovery phone number, but still risked not changing the back up recovery email. Since the phone number that was used showed no other link or background account info attached to the number and displayed only the last two digits which matched no numbers I assumed no personal connection and I was locked out; At first, thought it was a burner phone some people used so it wouldn't track back to them. Also, until I saw the notebook, I was never suspicious of why that specific account he accessed was important except maybe because it being my most recent one. What stood out was it was a new number barley obtained so I didn't have it connected with any of the older accounts. I finally got into my older accounts, all having same recovering email (primary one) waiting for google to do security evaluation and release my information for that account so I can see the full phone number. Well by that time it was already too late. He somehow had access to my entire life and to all my current and past devices, took over my iCloud accounts, and set up smtp server to my device through my this iCloud email being a source.(iCloud email I never made using my husbands last name and was created two days before we got married and we elopped) The smtp server was linked to be the forwarding address for the icloud emails server. I had my yahoo account connected in my mail app and was unaware that smtp server linked forwarded deleted anything/everything from my phone to this unknown server or even that my iCloud email could also be accessed there as well. I contacted apple and they said they can't delete iCloud emails because they are used as an alias and to just change my password and choose option to sign out of all devices. Apple gave me the date(how I found out it was made prior to marriage) and showed me how to access that email on screen sharing and said whoever made it wasn't using it because there was no mail. Recently, I found out it was because it was directly linked and forwarded to the smtp server and initial set up emails left to appear unused. Well, unlike everyone else, I DO NOT have settings everyone else does later confirmed when buying new devices. Every video I watched, all had the setting(s) I did not and that was very odd. Most of these features come programmed with the every iPhone, which than made no sense. Well in September, I found out through researching the source of all this, that he had synced my iPhone 8plus to a Microsoft account June 23rd or 28th 2020 through windows 10 program which can be downloaded on iPhones. When I went on vacation end of July 2020 and had no service, application notifications of things like home (which links family and apple home compatible devices) and there were certain things that were highlighted and said in use previously, and confused to how suddenly a new feature that appeared had possibly been connected and in use for who knows how long and the fact that this feature was not there before; so, I figured maybe it was apart of the new update I recently did and took time to sync but when I was looking at what all is accessible through HomeKit it completely blew my mind because I just started investigating my suspicions of everything around the end of May 2020 beginning of June 2020. I noticed my phone was hacked due to signs such as battery life quickly depleting and not holding a charge or even being able to use it without being on the charger, I confronted my husband after finding lap top tampering and questioned how long ago he may have been doing all this and asked my friends advice. He has tech background, a MAC lap top, and is a lot younger and more familiar with the systems. We spent hours trying to locate and delete suspected modifications and tried to locate source without keeping open mind to a connection with a whole neither system. Finally, we got the computer to work again for my son can at least access school accounts and log into zoom. We also backed the photos on my phone to a passport drive I bought march 2019, which gave us the most issues and decided if we ever did it again we would to his computer than go from there. Come august 2020, I found out a possible connection through Microsoft using windows 10 program and thats why the system didn't recognize the hardware and helped system software locking us out of most questioned sources; but, still again could not remove it. I changed the password to my Microsoft account he made with my information, and just figured it was another account I just forgot about and could recover but STILL he had access not me. At some point in researching Microsoft system programs, how they all sync, and why I could never even see any other users or accounts to explain a way to find out who could be the admin. I than stumbled upon a settings screen (that wouldn't allow access because of McAfee which is the security program he put on my computer) BUT it was a locked setting available only to the admin with a password and I can see it but had no access. Admins can control any/all device features and accounts settings as if having the physical device but the device did not even have to be present. Things still were not making sense, but that information ruled out certain sources like wifi and bluetooth.I had over 2,000 screen shots of researching evidence stored in a hidden photo album saved so I can put the pieces together. I called apple and talked to multiple people throughout the process. Intending to find someone who understood and can explain the IOS systematics. Prior to my Dell lap top's complete shut down, is when I discovered that admin setting that literally gave only admins the option to hide setting(s) or feature(s) to my phone; Yet, the setting was not accessible to me the actual owner and device account and service customer. My husband and I never had joint accounts, never on the same phone ,or family plan, and even have different service providers. My husband has Verizon wireless and I have Sprint. I noticed everything that was off such as: Emails with subscriptions/ads from websites I never even heard of, obviously no access to my own device settings or programs, the iCloud email account I never made, which serves as an alias and can not be deleted, and tried to find any connection .I hand write and log all my accounts and passwords, never save them to any device, and delete app saved easy access log in profiles. Well every time I changed my account passwords, whatever system source used by the admin was accessing my devices and would mask my phone using the same device name(caught by constant changing) so when security system flags were detected and I was asked to review login because the device name matched but did not reveal different sources used I approved the Mac OS source they used as being trusted device and their device was now logged now as safe. Somehow, they were always on at the exact same time if not minutes after, and they made it to where I can't access settings or see anything from my iCloud accounts, all social media, tax info, emails you name it ,and also deleted the data, blocked me from being able to delete contacts from my icloud by setting them on downtime, and so much much more. A month prior to gaining vital information that I didn't see a connection with to my dell lap tops sudden system failure, I confirmed him as the administrator by files, still overlooked than but LITERALLY with his name containing my information. I was restricted from viewing any of the information, and he was also able to duplicate my IP address so he believed nothing could trace back to him and continues denying everything. I kept being directed to same source, being a system supported by windows 10 through Microsoft that allowed system setting not accessible to apple, so I assumed apple did not support system and could not be the link. I than tried to reach Microsoft for explanation of an account I had no access to yet contained all my personal information. The data would only export through a compacted zip file that was not supported by any device I own. The first red flag I found during research process, was inside my iPhones WEBSITE DATA, found on my safari app settings! I clicked on advanced setting at the very bottom, and from there you will see the listed websites viewed/accessed, usage amount, and ordered from most frequently used to barley used or maybe visited once and some websites didn't appear to be a website at all. I discovered by usage information in KB, MB, ect. used over time for the consistent website use of things like snapchat, facebook, sprint, and pretty much everything I had an app for; which instantly raised red flag being frequent usage on my safari browser, when I just use the app to log in. I would than delete the data frequently and log everything by hand just to see how often they used my safari browser to access those accounts and usage amount to try and track them back. Found many things I didn't understand, BUT anyway the creepiest one was this website that stood out listed as once I caught it streaming on my phone and still gives me the chills). My friends all told me go to the cops, this is illegal, but I did not trust cops due to recent circumstances involving our separation. He wanted everyone to think I was crazy and paranoid so he can blame it on my PTSD, and after calling the cops and having bruises nothing happened to him and he got a room on base "for his protection". My friends called the cops because I refused to, said they wanted me to have a wellness check, and I showed the cops my lap top and how it blared a alarm sound with a black screen even on a charger, and the they were impressed by my intelligence and resources.I was informed that deleting the data and recording usage I was hand logging did not apply unless pictures or video evidence of everything was presented for him to be able to even open a case. So, I waited for it to appear again in my data and when it did the cop never contacted me again; To me that was very suspicious since he told me to contact him with anything, even small matters, after seeing my massive amount of evidence and his partner and him personally witnessing my lap top. They wanted to help and maybe not when they initially walked in for a mental wellness call, but after talking were the only ones who actually believed me and in me. They saw the level of intelligence I have, without any prior knowledge of my background in this field. They only witnessed first hand my investigative research that was backed up by facts and evidence (pictures and logs);Yet, still today I have not discovered how to remove the admin without having the original key(number and letter sequence), which you(admin), obtain from the original purchase of the system software. I found in safari data "websites" like (long random sequence of numbers and letter were related)(coding that used tags/key words that follows your web searches on based on those key words being used at all even in apps like snap/fb/insta). I also discovered a connection that if the "website" showed for example ,fwbefv3624.ios, appeared they were actually traces of them accessing my icloud features and phone settings through iOS again supported through software Microsoft carries. Apple said to continue updates and the updates would protect my phone privacy and data. BUT it actually made it worse since the connected links were ran through IOS systems and all features it had were "cloned"and still I was stuck on how?the link process?admin removal? how my information can just easily be used without having to prove anything?. I learned "websites" with cloud front in it was them accessing and uploading links why on my iCloud and the devices your account is using those exact names as direct account access sources and drives. The device information or access points to my iCloud account would not show up when I even used a desktop to access my iCloud through iCould said the system browser wasn't up to date for the systems required features for access to things like my iTunes, Game Center, iCloud Drive, etc. All I could do was restore files, calendars, contacts, and so on. I even downloaded the browser they listed as being compatible and up t date and still could not access features. Well the server would back up my iCloud settings I had disconnected directly on my phone like my safari, photos , messages and contacts for example and when they did it would delete previous contacts or info or messages from my device, yet would still be backed up to that server only!! I would go in my iCloud storage and click on messages and there the messages deleted from my phone were in my iCloud storage and I went to manage iCloud storage to delete them. I always deleted it but all that did was delete the messages from my phone and keep me from accessing it which did not help me. I still do not know how they over ride my device to receive these settings and my phone only will back up if my iPhone on the charger, locked, and connected to wifi network. I kept the iCloud backup on but key chain and iCloud Drive off, because if I turned my iCloud backup off my phone said my iCloud data would just directly go to a MAC computer which I do not own and was not linked to my friends MAC lap top who helped before. Plus, it said it was a desktop and gave a name for desktop network ,which at the time I found out my IP address was used to decoy for their servers as well and system also had it's own network named "desktop along with numbers" but the entire time was a network originating from a network created o my lap top. The same networking software name for the system used to link my lap top and phone. I bought a HUB to learn the technical stipulations and experiment on how the linking system can be removed or disconnected because I only found info advising information on how many devices and types a hub can link. What led me to a HUB asa possible connection was a network source that showed up in the lists of possible networks to join when my wifi was turned on. Sometimes only had one and other times two separate networks that have the word hub followed by number sequence that was non related other than beginning starting with hub acronym. My iPhone shows no past data of any connection to either network and asks for password when you click to join. Why I am connected to wifi and my SIM card inserted but cellular off the networks appear and also vice versa being the SIM card as the common factor. When I would be connected to supported wifi 5G network and no SIM the hub networks would disappear and not even show up on wifi network list.Also when connected to 5G I could have the SIM and still be in use without them being notified. The network administrator has complete control over everything in my phone such as: settings, calls, messages, alarms, voicemail, ect. and is permitted access as am I. Also in the about phone section under general in iPhone settings my SIM card says that my carrier locked my SIM and to contact them for support with SIM lock removal .and I called sprint the first time this appeared on my new iPhone 11(purchased October 2020) and sprint said they did not lock it and had no knowledge of this in their system. A pin was also placed so if I try to use it or turn pin setting on my iPhone asks for a password to SIM pin but only my phone allows three attempts before locking me out completely. I called 911(in November 2020) and my call would not go out. My phone literally did not allow me to contact emergency services, so I had to use a friends phone that called and even her call rang twice and dropped so dispatch called and sent a officer. The cops said there is nothing they can do, being that we are legally married and even never sharing accounts he is entitled to everything and can do what he wants as long as we are married.Controlling my phone he has no other point of accessibility to (since he has never been on my account nor given access to anything involving my sprint account our entire marriage) watch and stream live feed of me and even tap my audio. About pretty close to everyday, he streamed me masked behind hidden setting through iPhone system setting accessibilty on iPhone settings also using shortcut features(I even had photo and video evidence obtained from his personal google gmail account containing a document with the exact same shortcuts he continued to restore momentsOctober 2020 because of safety concerns, I moved home and got all new devices: upgrade my iPhone 8 plus to iPhone 11, got Apple Watch , new SIM card for my sons tablet which has its own separate number and phone line. (also accessed as parental admin) and sprint drive since major hazardous modifications were done to my car and the sprint drive tracks everything and every time your vehicle is touched why the drive remains connected. The drive actually recorded trips that were deleted from the app. proving location, time, and date recorded under trips every time your vehicle stops. Beginning of November 2020, I felt safe since I had no issues with any of my devices, planned to get lap top fixed through Office Depot tech professionals, and was working so much the commute became unmanagable. Living at a friends I was fine, but as soon as I felt safe enough to go to our housing, it than happened to ALL my new devices. Currently: I was almost locked out of my email accounts(even my college portal), have no access to my iwatch that says its connected yet my app isn't logged in and won't pair because the iwatch screen is black and when I tried default haptics Siri says voiceover is activated and touch accommodations do not apply and settings were all changed, I continue to catch my iPhone saying backup paused as soon as I start to use it, I deleted my iCloud accounts because of this and even when logging devices out of every app and account and deleting cookies and data the smtp server is set to receive in inbox all deleted texts, calls, app messages and notifications, etc. My iCloud accounts when logged into on my phone had to be approved by a Mac OS user, even though they were originally set up with two factor authentication and security key was activated by me. When I changed it back they started changing my gmail password. To purchase apps I was told I HAD to turn on assistive touch to use Face ID to purchase or confirm purchase for App Store. Under password and face id setting on the iPhone my access to WHAT CAN BE ACCESSED WHY lock screen IS ACTIVE, I CONSTANTLY CHECK AND TURN OFF ALL accessibility and somehow was always turned on for only access to home control. Home control, shortcuts, this new weird app clips things that shows on my privacy settings, and my cellular deletion of service options are completely obsolete and non existent in my phone. I can not access my iTunes or Game Center ,which also had to be compensated for subscriptions to adult sites I not only never visited ,heard of , or made but also had no record of on any device. I deleted my iCloud accounts to narrow my source search and hopefully recover my phone than find out the digital esim was activated and shows under about in my iPhone settings section labeled general.Within the section labeled about within iPhone settings under general section two different IMEI were listed, an IMEI for my primary(which is my physical iPhone), and below that shows an IMEI for a digital sim(esim) which because of the dual phone line on same device so you can run two phone lines on one device and originally thats what prompted me to get this specific phone. I never activated my esim and in order to do so, you have to get confirmation from service provider and activation information from the service provider to open a separate line and phone number. Also, in safari data I always not only saw, but also Verizon wireless which I never understood but was always curious to why. Well when I searched through safari automatically diverted and displayed esim activation with Verizon wireless having tons of different sources and sites as if set up as being service line. It got to where I had to include sprint and Tmobile at the end of my web search just so I wouldn't have to skip head to the third page to show anything to do with sprint or Tmobile. On my safari app settings I have the upload previous sites setting on for faster web results, personalization search my activity, and most frequently visited sites and information saved for ad and web favorites set based specifically on what projects I'm currently working on so I am not having to re word or input the same constant info autosaved .When realizing a connection for weeks I have been taking out my SIM card to see if it disconnected their access to my phone through esim or if I could even just shut off my cellular network it would result in restricting access to background control settings or rotors that were made to have control over my devices. The iCloud accounts I deleted because I thought that would terminate access completely before recognizing they activated my esimand not knowing the date or time period it happened but again I was wrong it made it worse for me entirely. Fact being esims grant access to everything you have access to and `the only way to delete that esim is to go under cellular and locate the line/device source and delete the contact line. Why on the phone with apple because I did not see the option and wanted to know if there was any other way and of course, in my settings it did not show up so the apple tech saw this on screen sharing and advised me to only back up photos, get a new SIM card and possibly new line(phone number) and factory reset my phone. The apple tech also had me why she was on the line reset my network setting not believing it did not allow it and believed it to be a solution. I notified apple since I was still under 7 day evaluation of account termination and during the call when they shared my screen were in shock themselves and also had no explanation for there being no settings listed , and attempt to reset network settings not working. My phone is updated to current IOS and every time I find one thing in the end they all connect with Microsoft. Microsoft requires administration to have a sequence number key code from original activation for access to delete admin account, which I do not have, and yet my information was used and all my devices compromised by this system and company I can not contact directly!!!! My lap top it was originated from is not accessible unless I get it diagnosed and fixed by tech professionals but advised by the cops to let it go because it was compromised and they referred to AS LOST CAUSE so I had to leave it where it would not be even possibly discovered by the only select few I can rely onans trust to protect it. My two separate iCloud accounts were both terminated along with linked iCloud(alias) emails created and since my iPhone 11 itself was still logged in my Apple ID I now have NO ACCESS to almost my entire phone setting as far as changes to supported application changes, sign out on my device to add new account, any iCloud account modifications or settings including storage, and most important restricted from anything to do with my App Store period so updates, and downloads(I barley was able to delete my snap chat account since it disabled my access for logging out. I can not contact apple support at all, even already having the app preexisting prior to deleting my accounts because they require Apple ID to be signed into and all supported apps require password to me to log into Apple ID with an account that my phone signed me out automatically and when you go to or apple and choose to look accounts up both say they do not exist. Next to physically going to sprint to get a new phone , SIM card and number change;This company is my only hope for restoration of all of my devices with access being restored and restricted to only me the actual person. Not all the devices or programs like amazon tablets that are compromised are even affiliated to my sprint plan/account so Microsoft is my only solution. I attempted to do what apple advised and only transfer pictures/photos/videos to of all things an actual MAC DESKTOP COMPUTER said to permit access to all apple systems and devices securely and over half of my photos failed to successfully import due to the computer stating that the photos were not recognized as being software compatible to their system!!! like what!! when my iPhone 11 was activated I SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED NONE OF MY CONTACTS BE TRANSFERRED OVER ONLY PHOTOS because I came across randomly contacts that briefly appeared as being saved contacts yet were not listed at all in my contact lists such as: async or a for example v636284678168127 as name and contact number being local and first 6 digits matching my other lines 6 digits exactly. One other possibility I found was a googlefi activated phone account/plan and service which is claimed on my accounts under my google's gmail setting as active and I ACCESSED ON THIS SAME COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEY CHANGED MY PASSWORD before they gained the ability of locking me out but still all link to Microsoft and windows 10 being original source link and administrative access. My phone doesn't always make or receive calls either. All the contacts that were set to downtime and restricted from being deleted were linked and listed three times showing as unavailable unless the admin to my account it said released the screen time feature for those contacts which I personally recovered prior to deleting the cloud to see how they would transfer in my phone. After iCloud accounts were deleted I one by one accessed my contacts list in my iphone, unlinked each one, and deleted them. The few I left showed available until I text or try to call, trying to contact them was restricted and said unavailable. Wifi worked when I turned off my cellular on my phone in the settings, but not those same contacts. I used that after knowledge of sim activation and when my calls continued to fail my phone said to contact Verizon wireless for help. I do not have an account with them so looked on friends phone and found out they are locked out only on any supported 5G WIFI network so that is where I am at now. Please!! PLEASE PLEASE help me delete all and any accounts with your company currently before having to download Microsoft365 for college. I can not create new Apple ID or even have the option to create one and my iPod Touch I stored at my moms along with any and all electronic devices my iPod Touch was only device that went missing and just recently suddenly appeared set up to another name, in a state on the other side of the country, that doesn't allow me to sign in my Apple ID when it was active yet my facebook contacts (some I was un aware of) wouldn't allow me to delete since they were linked through facebook and asked for her password for Apple ID. Finally one day I logged in my Apple ID within the 7 day window of iCloud account termination approval and I was able to delete link to facebook but still restricted to a lot and than non stop every actin required login to Microsoft account to access anything on the internet and shows the option to creat new iCloud/Apple ID but says action restricted and/or I am not allowed to make one at all or even shown a page which usually is opened in new tab to fill in information/account application. Than things all slow down and require login to Microsoft. I am frustrated , exhausted , tired of explaining this over and over and would prefer to talk over the phone to a actual live person regarding this major identity and security dilemma. Every company previously contacted is at a loss for words and appalled by the privacy and security of all apps, sites, companies, etc. being bypassed and modified at this level of complete identity theft and impersonation and access to compromise my entire life and all electronics yet fails to have any contact with any actual person as to why this is even possible. Allowing hackers themselves and tech support recovery to be stumped all saying they do not understand windows systems and windows who runs Microsoft than???

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