Unable to play any videos in YouTube and "Movies & TV" App


Cornel N


Without any reason, one day I realised I cannot play any videos in YouTube in any browser, Chrome or Edge . Pressing Play Button it seems playback wants to start but it stops immediately. I downloaded the video. The same behaviour for the Movies &TV App, the downloaded video cannot be played. Strangely, the downloaded video can be played perfectly using VLC Player. My machine is an Intel NUC 5i5 RYK with a Intel (R) hd Graphics 6000 Videocard with the latest driver version. OS is Windows 10 Professional 64 bit. It is obvious it is not about cookies or other Internet settings because the video cannot be played offline in the Movies & TV App.

Also, if it was a codec probelem there is no explanation why a few days earlier the videos could be perfectly played...

Uninstalling and reinstalling the video card didn't help either. Any idea what is all about?

Thank you very much!

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