CPU usage stuck at 25% max when playing certain games



Usually everything runs smooth 100%, BUT the second I launch certain games (Cyberpunk, COD BO Cold War) the voltage drops to 0.688 (and stays there exactly) the core speed drops to 0.786 ghz, and the total usage will not pass 25%. No temperature issues, under 65°.This causes the game to take several minutes to get to the main menu, and getting under 20 fps in game, extremely high frame time. Before launching those games and after closing those games the voltage is around 1.1-1.2 and the clock at 4.3ghz, like normal. Weird thing is, when playing gears 5, no issues at all, cpu functions as intended! Everything worked fine this morning. Have tried loading default bios, restarting windows, unplugging, etc.

Please help :'( I don't know what else to do....Am newish when it comes to computers...

ASRock B360M IB-R
MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 3080
32gb RAM
SSD and windows is installed on an SSD

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