Streaming Services Solid Gray Screen (HWDRM?)


Mark Jolly 1989


I have a Windows 10 Desktop connected to a 4k television through an AV Receiver.

Up through last night, everything was streaming just fine on Hulu, Disney +, Netflix, and Youtube. This morning, every time I try to launch a show on Disney +, or even log in to Netflix or Hulu, I get a solid gray screen displayed. With Disney +, I continue to get audio, but I can't get far enough with the others to know for sure. I first checked with Chrome, and then confirmed in Microsoft Edge. Same effect. Youtube continues to work correctly everywhere.

I remember back in the day that there were problems with Silverlight and Netflix, so I updated Silverlight. No dice.

I checked some videos and files I have on my computer in both VLC Media Player and Windows' Movies and TV app. Works just fine.

I did not update my graphics drivers between last night and this morning, nor did I make any other major PC changes I'm aware of. Checking my windows updates, the only thing that's been updated since is the Windows Defender Library.

I have now updated my graphics drivers, doing a clean install. I'm running GeForce Game Ready Driver version 460.89, which is the same as before. No luck there.

Doing some more research and running the Video Playback Troubleshooter, I am told that my system doesn't support Hardware Digital Rights Management. (HWDRM). I have two 980ti graphics cards, and an Intel 4770k. Looking in to that, only the 1000+ series Nvidia cards support HWDRM. Is that my issue? Why am I just suddenly running in to this, if that's the cause? And if so, did 3 streaming sites overnight make similar updates to require this, now?

Any ideas?

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