Bought a used laptop which is pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Education.


Abhiram Baiju


I bought a used laptop which is pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro Education. I don't know about the first user of my laptop. After some years, I faced some issues after updating Windows 10. Then, I contacted Microsoft and they told that to connect with my Work or School account. Then I confused and installed a fresh Windows 10 Pro Education using the BIOS OEM key. The OS was activated successfully. But now Microsoft support says that if I update Windows, I need to face many errors, nd if I don't update windows, some functions may not work properly. I am not interested to buy a new liscence key. What should I do know?.8ee0c406-f946-4566-8200-77bb86f783f1?upload=true.pnga1aa2a37-712f-40c9-b4ec-b428e7bbb2a9?upload=true.png362cad76-5618-4313-9684-52604941836e?upload=true.png

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