Missing the default audio setting that I need to record.



I was troubleshooting something else for my audio recording program. Just had audio dropouts and pitch distortion while recording over an mp3 track. Other than that, my recording was flawless alone. I tried switching my recording device from it's default "24 bit, 44100HZ (studio quality)" to "16 bit, 44100HZ (CD quality)" to see if it made a difference.

I assumed the setting wouldn't just disappear after I switched it. This setting completely ruined anything that came through, so I simply went to switch it back to normal. The studio quality setting is now gone, and it only lets me choose between CD quality and DVD quality.

This presented me with an entirely new and much worse problem, as my audio recording was flawless before. Is there a way to manually switch it back to the studio quality 24 bit without the advanced settings in the sound control panel?

Current failed solutions:

Unplugging and restarting device.

Updating device drivers.

Restore defaults to device.

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