Acer Nitro 5 After Force Restart on Factory Reset causes Infinite Restart loop, Windows 10 Media Installation Is not Working!



The reason I had to force shutdown my laptop during a factory reset is because it was stuck at 81% and I waited a long time. After turning it back on my laptop is in an infinite restart loop. Here's what happened when attempting to reinstall a clean state of windows 10 with the media installer through USB:

1. Booted BIOs to launch windows installer

2. Installed windows onto main drive

3. As soon as installation is complete, PC restarts back to the windows 10 setup.

4. Opened f12 boot menu to attempt booting back into normal mode

5. System restarted, seemed to be continuing the windows update with "Getting devices ready", then "Getting ready" which then later on resulted in another automatic restart loop.

Does anyone know how to stop the restart loop even after attempting to clean install windows 10 through a USB?

Any help is appreciated!

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