Stop Syncing Desktop, Documents and Pictures with Onedrive



I have searched but cannot find an issue to my problem.

I purchased a new computer, set up Windows 10, and now my Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders are syncing to onedrive. My Documents folder is far too large to sync, and I refuse to buy additional storage that I don't need. (Currently syncing necessary files on a Sharepoint server anyway.)

When I go into onedrive settings > backup > manage backup, and deselect my Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders, it gives me an error message:

"Space left in OneDrive after selection: -12 MB

You don't have enough available space in OneDrive to back up your folders. Get more storage and try again."

I tried onedrive settings > account > choose folders, and deselected folders to free-up space, but any folder I try gives me the error message:

"Sorry, your changes couldn't be saved.

Some of the items you tried to stop syncing aren't in OneDrive yet. Please wait for them to finish uploading and fix any sync problems, and then try making changes again later."

This leaves me completely stuck. Can't free up space until I'm done syncing, can't finish syncing until I free up space. It seems like the only solution is buying more space that I don't need.

How can I make Onedrive leave my Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders alone? I just want it to operate like it did in previous years, with full control over what gets synced.

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