How to move files from one folder to multi specific folders




I'm looking for Windows software (or maybe option I wasn't aware off) to automatically copy files from one folder to multi specific folders.

The folder A contains the .pdf files in the format date-number.pdf ---> 02.24.2021 #100.pdf

The folder B contains thousands of folders and every folder is actually name of the number after the date in the original file name from folder A.

For example:

Folder A

02.24.2021 #100.pdf

02.24.2021 #200.pdf

02.24.2021 #300.pdf

Folder B

Subfolder 100

Subfolder 200

Subfolder 300

I need the software that can recognize the file from folder A (for example: 100) and to transfer it automatically to the folder B/subfolder 100.

It's really annoying to copy the thousands of the files from one folder to the specific folder one by one on a daily bases.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you!

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