Right click 'print pictures' blank area in printing



I have a problem with the 'print pictures' function on my windows 10 pc. If i select any image and right click 'print' the 'print pictures' box opens and i see the preview of my image and it looks fine. when i click print, the image prints with a huge blank space in the middle of the print, if i change the orientation of the print, the orientation of the blank space changes also. This happens on both printers, both brothers, inket and laser.

I have tried printing the same file to the same printers using the same process and it prints fine from another pc, i have also uninstalled and reinstalled both printers and printer drivers. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the 'photos' app. This happens only from my PC and only from the right click 'print' 'print pictures' box. If i open the picture and select 'print' from within the open picture, the print is normal. I cannot figure this out as its clearly something to do with the right click 'print pictures' function ONLY on my pc. In the picture below, the left and right show prints from within the 'print pictures' function, one in each orientation, the middle print is from printing from within the open picture file. Any help would be greatly appreciated :D


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