explorer.exe stopped responding and live kernel event 193

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I have recently had a lot of problems with my pc that i build almost 2 years ago now. The first one being that when i start my pc, my taskbar doesn fully load in. When i hover over it with my mouse it just shows me the loading wheel cursor. But when i click it it loads in and i can use my pc. In the reliability monitor it tells me this(Note that my language on the pc is swedish so some of the text wont be in english, i hope this wont be too much of an issue. But if it is i can change language and send a new message with the proper information. I have also tried to translate some of the text into what i think the english terminology for it would be):


A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Felaktig programsökväg (incorrect program search path?): C:\Windows\explorer.exe


Händelsenamn: AppHangB1

Application Name: explorer.exe

Application Version: 10.0.19041.844

Application Timestamp: 5d74feca

Hang Signature: a874

Hang Type: 134217728

OS-version: 10.0.19042.

Språkvariant-ID: 1053

Additional Hang Signature 1: a874dcbb81c64c2f212e8b48deac6aaa

Additional Hang Signature 2: 37fd

Additional Hang Signature 3: 37fd74860e83e8106c06b57a29b575d1

Additional Hang Signature 4: a874

Additional Hang Signature 5: a874dcbb81c64c2f212e8b48deac6aaa

Additional Hang Signature 6: 37fd

Additional Hang Signature 7: 37fd74860e83e8106c06b57a29b575d1

The second problem would be live kernel event 193 which occured while trying to solve the first issue. I have reinstalled windows using the media creation tool too keep my files and apps. But when the problem still occured i thought it is probably some file or application thats causing the issue. Therefore i went into my hdd and tried deleting some files. i came across an image, i opened the image to make sure i could delete it. But when i closed the photos app my pc froze for a few seconds. When it started "working" again it was very laggy, and every time i moved my mouse i just heard repeated beeping noises every time the mouse moved on the screen. I therefore went into the taskmanager using ctrl+shift+esc and restarted explorer.exe from there. Now my pc started working again. I then checked reliability monitor and it told me this:


Ett problem med din maskinvara gör att Windows inte längre fungerar korrekt (A problem with your hardware makes it so windows no longer functions properly?)


Händelsenamn: LiveKernelEvent

Kod: 193

Parameter 1: 80f

Parameter 2: ffffffffc01e0100

Parameter 3: 0

Parameter 4: 0

OS-version: 10_0_19042

Service Pack: 0_0

Produkt: 768_1

OS-version: 10.0.19042.

Språkvariant-ID: 1053

Those were the 2 main problems i have had but i also had a minor problem with my ram that i think i have solved kind of. i have 16 gbs of ram installed but in system information it told me only 7.95 were usable. After trying a couple of solutions i made it so 15.5 were usable. I am still having some appcrashes which i think are ram related which i didnt have before. I do not know if this is connected to the other problems but i posted it just in case.

PC specs:

CPU: ryzen 5 2600

gpu: radeon sapphire rx 580 nitro+ 8gb

motherboard: b450m ds3h

16gb of corsair vengeance ram

1tb seagate barracuda hdd

126gb ssd, dont know the name because speccy app crashed while trying to open it. This usually doesnt happen but its happening now after live kernel event 193.

Any help would be very appreciated because as it is right now i cant use my pc like i usually do. My browser is crashing and freezing, i cant use editing programs because the app crashes frequently, and i have to restart my pc constantly.

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