Check Disk destroyed my files and I wonder if there is hope for recovery



What happened is my computer was running on Windows 7 installed on one volume of RAID0 made with two hard drives. A also have a new (recently bought) 4TB hard drive in my computer used as split in two volumes because I couldn't make Windows 7 along with my setup use volumes larger than 3TB. After a disk error on one of the hard drives used for the RAID0 where the system software was installed, I started the computer from Windows 7 install CD. This automatically started CHKDSK (Check Disk) and showed processing of every file I have on the new 4TB hard drive which was working perfectly and never had any problems before. After CHKDSK completed the processing of the files and I reinstalled Windows 7 on a new hard drive, I realized that the files CHKDSK processed can no longer be opened - the programs that used to open them reported errors like this "Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because the file appears to be damaged, corrupted or is too large" Luckily most of the files were backed up on a external USB but one folder with images copied from my phone was not backed up because I thought I have them also on Google Photos, however it turns out that some of my early pictures taken with the phone are missing from Google Photos and I'm wondering if there is hope for recovering them from my hard drive. I tried all data and Jpg specific file recovery programs I found, plus one specific CHKDSK corrupted files recovery program but nothing helped so far. When I compare the corrupted Jpg files with their good copies from the USB backup they have the same file size in bites. However when i view their code in one of the file recovery programs that had the option to display the code of the files, there is a big difference as shown in the attached images which makes me think that CHKDSK destroyed the files in the worst way possible and I wonder if there is any hope for recovery before cleaning my hard drive from the corrupted files.

This is an screenshot of the code from a good jpg file


and this is an screenshot of the code from the bad copy of the same jpg file corrupted with CHKDSK


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