Flash drive has an active partition, hard drive does not

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Francis J E Mudrak


I installed Windows XP onto a Dell Latitude D620 laptop from a flash drive, prepared with WinSetupFromUSB. However, when I unplugged the drive at the end of the process, it tells me ntoskrnl.exe is corrupt or missing. When I boot from the flash drive, and choose the hard disk option in its bootloader, the PC works fine, and I can safely unplug the drive after the splash screen shows up.

When I look in Disk Management, I see that the flash drive (with the letter U:) is marked as Active, and the hard drive (C:) is System. All of the boot files (boot.ini, ntdetect.com, ntldr) are on the hard drive.

When I try to set C: as the active partition, the option is greyed out and disabled. This happens both in Disk Management, and in AOMEI Partition Assistant.

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