Possible Fix for Microsoft Store Errors 0x800704cf and 0x80070005



Here's what fixed errors 0x800704cf and 0x80070005 in the Microsoft Store for me. It might not work for everyone, but it is what fixed them for me.

Error 0x800704cf:


Error 0x800704cf is when whatever process or thing can't connect to the internet properly. It'll usually say something like "You'll need the internet for this" or similar. Usually it happens even when your internet connection is good and works for everything else. It can lead to you not being able to install apps or even being able to sign in to the Microsoft Store.


For me, I fixed it by signing out of my Microsoft account in settings, then signing back in.

Error 0x80070005:


Error 0x80070005 happens when you don't have proper access to do something. It can happen when trying to install/download products from the Microsoft Store. It can happen even when your account is set as an admin.


I fixed it by signing into the default administrator account. (You can switch accounts by opening the start menu, clicking the person icon, and clicking on the account you want to sign into at the bottom)

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