[GUIDE] How to install Windows 2000 on Acer TravelMate 2480


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If you are having trouble installing/running Windows 2000 on an Acer TravelMate 2480, please read this guide.

1. Grab a Windows 2000 CD and pop it in. Ensure it has service pack 4 integrated. No SATA drivers are needed.

2. Ensure your hard drive of choice is inserted. Windows 2000 should work with drives up to 500GB, though you will need a modification to work it. Drives 130GB or less require no mods.

3. Start it up, press F2, and ensure the laptop is set to boot from CD/DVD drive. Hit F10 to leave.

4. Let the installer load up. Once finished, go through and follow the prompts. Partition the drive how you'd like. If you want to dual-boot it with XP or Vista, make equal space (E.G. If you have 130GB, make two 65GB partitions). Let it install.

5. After loading it up, using another computer with internet, go here Product Support | Acer United States Everything there should work, even the wireless driver, though I haven't had any luck with the audio driver listed there.

6. Go here Boingo Wireless (WPA2 for W2K!) | Operating System Revival and download this. It will link itself to the wireless driver and allow internet to work.

7. Follow this video to update Windows 2000.

8. Go here and set this up. Extended Kernel allows any XP SP2/3 Apps to run.

9. You have successfully set up your Acer TravelMate 2480 with Windows 2000 and Extended Kernel!

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