Windows 2000 on Dell Latitude E6530


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Hi! I have Windows 2000 installed to a Dell Latitude E6530 with Ivy Bridge, but am having issues with it.

1. I can't seem to get it to install under ACPI mode as attempts to do that result in a non-ACPI complient BIOS BSOD. To bypass this, I had to hit F5 and install under Standard PC. Is there any way to get 2000 to install under ACPI mode?

2. I am also having issues with the USB ports. I have two USB 3 ports and one USB 2 port, but device manager shows an error with the USB 2 drivers meaning I can't use any of the ports (not even the 3.0 ports as 2.0 ports). I have tried a Google search and even one of the topics here to try and fix this issue, but non seemed to work. Any help on getting the ports working would be greatly appreciated (whether it be through the built-in driver or with a generic USB 3 driver someone made for 2000).

3. What is the best way to fully update Windows 2000 to make it compatible with the Extended Kernel/Extended Core and thus @blackwingcat's custom made Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge graphics driver? For internet, this has Intel for both wireless and ethernet and both do not have 2000 drivers, and I currently have no way to use something like USB ethernet or USB wireless that is 2000 compatible due to the aforementioned USB issue (though I can use one if we can fix the USB issue).

Any help on these issues is greatly appreciated!

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