Can't sign in into the system after changing Microsoft account alias assigned to this system (status: 0xc000006d, substatus: 0x0)


Dmytro Denysiuk

Hi everyone.I did a change for alias of my Microsoft account. And I can't sing-in into my system anymore. I have fingerprint and pin code sign-in types. But right now when I try to sign-in. I get error "Your credentials could not be verified". The same for Pin code but there is also error code (status: 0xc000006d, substatus: 0x0). But there is also button "Set up my Pin" which refers me to Microsoft login form. Where I can see the old alias predefined and message "The account is not exists". So I try to login with new alias and everything is fine. But in the end I get "Something went wrong". S

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