All in a sudden RDP to hostname cannot login with error message "Your credentials did not work" but no problem if RDP to ip address



Hi there,We got 4 sites with 4 different subnets, all sites/subnets connected via IPSec VPN. All computers/servers joined to the same AD domain.Say I'm in site1, I can ping/trace with hostname (without suffix) to rest of the 3 sites. All in a sudden, since last Wed, I cannot RDP to servers in other 3 sites via hostname, but I can RDP to servers in other 3 sites via ip address. I can RDP to local subnets server via hostname or ipaddr without any problem.Tried with other win10/win11 computers in site1 also same result, so it seems not related to my win10 computer only.Tried to contact firewall

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