How to change USB option back to Better Performance PC Wide



After updating my Windows 10 my USB Tether speeds have HEAVILY degraded. My speeds were fine before this update and speeds are fine on an older laptop, drivers are all updated, etc etc. Turns out this update changed the USB options from Better Performance to Quick Removal and while you can change these in Device Manger for USB devices, you CAN NOT do this for devices like phones and camera. Sadly Ive waited too long and can no longer uninstall this crippling update

So to cut to the chase, how can I change the default behavior back to Better Performance PC WIDE. Whether its a command line, powershell, regedit, just tell me how I can do it.

Do NOT give me the whole (scan your drivers, run virus scan, try different usbs, etc etc on things that arent the issue and Ive tried already)

Thanks in advance.

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