How to install Windows 2000 on Dell Latitude E6400 (also with working graphics)


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1. Grab a Windows 2000 SP4 disc.

2. You will need a SATA driver otherwise you will get a BSOD. blackwingcat has them somewhere on his blog 新しくドメイン取得しました - Windows 2000 Blog but I am unable to remember where I found them (Tip: Use Google Translate to translate his site into your desired language. Once you find what you need, navigate to that page on the untranslated Japanese site and complete the download there. Downloads do not work on Google Site Translations).

3. Integrate using nLite.

4. Install the OS normally. No need to press F5, F6, or F7.

5. After installation, using another computer download these nVidia quadro drivers NVIDIA DRIVERS Quadro Release 261 WHQL If your graphics is Intel, you should have Windows 2000 support from using the Intel graphics on the Dell website for the Latitude E6400. You can grab the Intel graphics here: Support for Latitude E6400 | Drivers & Downloads | Dell US Just ensure Windows XP (not the x64 version) is selected.

6. Copy them over to the windows 2000 laptop through a USB drive along with 7zip.

7. Open up the NV4_DISP.INF file in Notepad by extracting the exe installer with 7zip.

8. Use Ctrl+F and search for this line: %NVIDIA_DEV.06E9.01% = Section002, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_06E9 Copy it and paste it directly below it. Change E9 to EB so it now reads %NVIDIA_DEV.06EB.01% = Section002, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_06EB

9. Save the file and then right click My Computer on the desktop and click on Manage. Point to Device Manager and click on the graphics driver under Other Devices. Click on Reinstall driver.

10. Click Next on the screen that pops up. Deselect everything except for Specify a location. Browse to the aforementioned NV4_DISP.INF anf click Ok. The next popup should have a checkbox for Install one of the other drivers. Check that and click next. On the list that pops up select %NVIDIA_DEV.06EB.01%. Click next to let it install. Restart and you should now have 32bit color!

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