UNC Browse by FQDN works for some login profiles but not others on Azure Joined laptop


Brian Shipp

I have Azure joined devices in my environment, with the users AD synced to AAD. I have a Windows server 2019 file server and a Windows 2003 server, both on a domain, two different subnets/VLANs. On at least 2 laptops, when on an SSLVPN connection, I cannot UNC to a shared folder path to the W2K3 server, but can to the W19 server; I can UNC to either/both via IP on "a particular login profile". But if I log in with another user profile, I can UNC to both servers via FQDN. Neither AAD user is a local admin on the Azure joined device. I have removed the profile of the user who cannot UNC to W2K3

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