Inaccessible Boot Device on MCIMX8M-EVK Windows 10 IOT Enterprise

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Mark Rheyniel Rabaya

Hi,I have an issue encountered after I install the Windows 10 IOT Enterprise on MCIMX8M-EVK eMMC. I followed the instructions here and successfully created my Windows 10 IOT Enterprise installer.I tried to install the OS but the storage is not enough. It requires 15GB storage but the eMMC storage is only 14.7GB. So I try to manually deploy it to the eMMC.Then I follow these steps to manually deploy it to the eMMC. Reddit thread here.Use Shift+F11 to open command line and do following. diskpart sel disk 0 clean convert gpt create partition efi size=260 format quick fs=fat32 label="BOOT" assi

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